Did you know that Cannabis has the ability to help people who suffer with PTSD find relief, or that it also helps out amazingly with depression and anxiety? It is also useful in the treatment of pain, nausea and vomiting. It would seem as though the array of symptoms and conditions it can treat is virtually endless. And it is!

What a beautiful, amazing plant! Our country, our city has been so indoctrinated and brainwashed by our Government and the Reefer Madness Hoax that the general public’s knowledge of this plant has been terribly stunted! Up until 1937 Cannabis was widely used and was completely legal across the country and was used for many herbal remedies in the forms of CBD and THC oils and tinctures as well as smoking it. Additionally, there is not even one single recorded death as a result of using Cannabis. When the Government decided to ban cannabis, there was even objections from the American Medical Association.

Dr. W. C Woodward of the American medical Association {AMA} was the only witness to oppose the bill to ban Cannabis. The legislative activities committee of the AMA wrote to protest the impending legislation {Grinspoon 1971}:

“There is positively no evidence to indicate the abuse of cannabis as a medical agent or to show that its medicinal use is leading to the development of cannabis addiction. Cannabis at the present time is slightly used for medicinal purposes, but it would seem worthwhile to maintain its status as a medicinal agent… There is a possibility that a restudy of the drug by modern means may show other advantages to be derived from its medicinal use. “[p. 226]

But,it was still banned and listed as a Schedule 1 drug with no medicinal benefit.

But the secret is out!

This past Friday the 13th was a prime display of people passionate about cannabis. I have had the pleasure of association and am proud to be one of the original founders/organizers to this loosely organized group called the “Cannabis Open Carry Walks” Their mission is to spread awareness and education to people about what Cannabis can treat as there are many different strains that are for different ailments. For instance, certain strains are excellent for pain, while others may promote relaxation. While yet another strain can give relief to anxiety. ( Sativas , Indica, hybrids) Generally, Indica strains provide a more sedating, relaxing feel while an Sativa is usually more uplifting. Hybrids tend to fall somewhere in the middle. The goal is to get this information to the public, so that they know that they have an alternative remedy to fight for that literally will not kill you. They fight for across-the-board legalization for people like Alexis Bortell (from Texas, Epileptic) who is a medical refugee living in Colorado and all others who cannot get adequate medical treatment without taking medications that kill. They also take a stand for those who are locked in a cage for trying to safely medicate themselves, naturally! They also stand up for the legalization of hemp as well for all the economic benefits it brings to the table as well! This movement has NOTHING to do with guns. They are openly carrying cannabis signs, information, fliers and banners. They are NOT doing anything illegal and do not recommend or encourage anyone to smoke or use during the walks. It is an educational group, that is boots on the ground, and in the street where there is no social media algorithms or censorship. In 2018 they plan to be on as many street corners all across Texas openly carrying their legalize cannabis signs, flags, and banners. Additionally they will be handing out information to people stopped at stop lights and street corners. The information that they pass out also has guidelines on how to remain in contact with the group, and how to cause change to happen within the political system and how to get involved.

The goal is to be so consistent and so visible ,that there is no ignoring this movement. They are not affiliated with any political group and encourage anyone who is for cannabis freedoms to join in!

written by: Rena McCain


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