Why we walk…

This group was created to help organize people all across Texas to further cannabis freedom. We want recreational use and medical use by 2019, no questions asked.

This movement has NOTHING to do with guns. We are openly carrying cannabis signs, information, flyers and banners. We are NOT doing anything illegal. On walks, we will pass out information to get people active in the fight to free the weed here in Texas.

This is an educational group, that is boots on the ground, and in the street. In 2018 we will be on street corners all over Texas openly carrying our cannabis signs, flags, and banners. We will be handing out information to people stopped at intersections and street corners. The information that we pass out will have guidelines on how to remain in contact with our group, when to take action, and how to take action during the 2019 legislature.


Our goal is to be so consistent and everywhere, so much that there is no ignoring this movement. We are going to have walks 2-3 times a week, all over the state, in many cities. Anyone can be a part of this by simply organizing a walk in your area.

We are NOT affiliated with any group or political party. However, we welcome anyone and everyone that is tired of being ignored. We are free individuals, people that come from all walks of life, we are fed up with the lack of cannabis freedom we have and we are here to do something about it.

Are you ready for the cannabis revolution to come to Texas? Take Action!

To make sure you are up to date on everything cannabis here in Texas, check out our eve ta section on this website or message us on Facebook.

Educate, love, lead by example. #FreeTheweed2019




To whom it may concern. I am majuana user and have been now for 8 years in 35 and chose to use marijuana to treat severe ptsd instead of a huge cocktail of disabling pharmaceuticals. I’ve been around a lot of people who use marijuana and have never encountered any problems. I think Texas would be much better off having legal marijuana and not prisons full of those who chose to medicate. Thank you


Cannabis keeps me from freaking out! I have severe panic attacks, my mind races, and I can’t focus on tasks! Cannabis helps with it all. The junk the Drs gave just caused more problems! My memory is now trashed and I have a hard time speaking and using words. I also have a difficult time remembering names of people I have known for years. Even my kids names escape me at times. Some of the meds even made me loose weeks of time. I would black out. One time I even blacked out at work cutting meat! When I would come to, I would wonder how the hell I got where I was. The Drs had me on a long list of different combinations of drugs. The list includes seroquel, Depakote, trazadone, haldol, Zoloft, Effexer, Klonopin, Ambien, Abilify, latuda, and lithium that’s not to even mention the thyroid pills! The doctors tried every combo possible. All they did was make me sicker. I quit all pills 2 years ago cold turkey! Withdraw was a bitch! Now I only use cannabis! So Fuck Big pharma!


Testimonial from one of our supporters…

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