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    1. Texas doesn’t allow those types of petitions like you seen in California and Colorado. It’s called a public referendum. But nope, we don’t get that. It’s 100% up to the legislators of Texas.


  1. I am a (marijuana) legal advocate in Vegas. I have assisted 10 people in beating felony charges. I use a 12 presumptions of law Affidavit. I will be more than happy to email you paperwork free of charge. also text me so I know it does not hit spam filters Tony (702) 613-8612 BUT PLEASE CALL AFTERNOONS EVENINGS. You can check me out on FB 4PatriotSolutions to see for yourself I am real. There is 3+ years of law there and it can help beat any criminal charges they have thrown my way or my friends way. You can look up my criminal history and see over 20 arrests and all of a sudden no arrests… I learned something. I want to help others. All the best.


  2. Thought this might be of interest to you!

    My name is Juan Sandoval and I am the Events Sales Executive over here at I would like your company to be an exhibitor for our upcoming show in Dallas! The THC (TX Hemp Expo) will be held at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center in Dallas TX, on January 28th – 30th, you will be there on the 27th – 31st. One load in day, three trade show days, and one load out day. This will be a Nationwide event! With 10,000 to 20,000 attendees projected for this event, as well as a special musical guest. There will be a healthy mix of B2B as well as B2C at this show, and companies like Target, Walmart, and CVS are known to frequent our events. We will have speakers on a range of different topics, with Texas State Representative Tracy King author of the new hemp bill HB1325, as one of our many guest speakers!! And we have just partnered up the media company POLITICO as well!!

    Please let me know if you have any questions; or if you would like to pull the trigger on any option, we can discuss next steps. Trust me your gonna want to go to this one!
    Thank you for your time!

    Juan Sandoval
    253.365.9328 | 844.587.KUSH [5874] |
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